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5 Things We Learned From Adrien Broner-Ashley Theophane

Adrien Broner came to Friday with a lot hanging over his head. Nothing mattered though as the Problem set aside his problems to score a 9th round TKO win over Ashley Theophane. 

Here are the five things we learned from Broner-Theophane:

AB is AB

He may have been all bullcrap (AB) outside the ring but once he steppend inside the boxing ring, Adrien Broner was all business (AB). Showing no signs of his legal troubles and the fact that he lost his belt on the scales, Broner was the moe superior fighter in the ring. His hands were faster when he unloaded and his power occasionally wobbled Theophane all throughout the bout. Broner dominated the fight from start to finish although he showed signs of slowing down prior to the fight ending knockout.

Theophane Was Overmatched

Ashley Theophane won six straight fights prior to Friday but he had neve fought a recognizable foe. His only ticket to the fight was being a member of Floyd's TMT. It was either Broner was too good or Theophane that bad because it was a dominant outing for AB. He easily hurt Theophane and had him on the ropes a couple of times.  Theophane was never a threat to Broner although AB seemed to give some rounds away.

Stoppage Was Controversial

The replays clearly showed that Theophane didn't ask for the fight to be stopped but instead seemed like he was complaining to the referee of a low blow. But referee Luis Pabon probably though otherwise and halted the bout. Controversy marred the finish but regardless, Broner was way ahead on the scorecards and would have won that bout anyway. However, the 9th round stoppage gave Broner's fantasy owners more fantasy points scored than he would have earned in a UD win.

Win Does Nothing For Broner

A win is a win in any form but this one doesn't seem to add up for Adrien Broner's career. First, Theophane wasn't really a formidable foe. The main reason he got the fight was the AB vs Floyd storyline because Theophane fights under the TMT banner. Secondly, Broner lost his world title and even though he lost in in the scales, the fact is that he is going home beltess and $50K "poorer" because of the fine. But what's $50K anyway to About Billions? Nothing really, but so does the win over Theophane unless of course.....

As Expected, Broner Called Out Floyd

Broner called it "Hateweather Promotions" prior to the fight. He always looked up to Floyd like a big brother and Floyd protected him like a little bro. However, they've always had this love-hate relationship that always looked volatile. Prior to the fight, both men threw verbal jabs at each other. After the win, Broner called out Floyd but it's likely that the retired Money Man is willing to play games with "little kid" Broner. However, if this beef escalates and forces Floyd out of retirement, then Broner gets the last laugh.