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Adonis Stevenson Told Us Not To Blink

On the day of the weigh-ins, Adonis Stevenson promised her daughter a birthday gift only he could deliver: A KO of Thomas Williams Jr. On Friday, Stevenson made good on his promise.

Adonis Superman thrilled the crowd at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City, Canada with an exciting toe to toe slugfest with Williams that ended in a 4th round KO win for the champ. A day earlier, Stevenson told reporters that he was dedicating the bout for his daughter's birthday:

"We go for the KO. It is also the birthday of my daughter and I want to offer her a KO, I am motivated. This will be exciting... don't blink!'

Stevenson backed up every word of that statement in the ring on Friday night. Every second of the bout was exciting. Like his opponent, Stevenson was swinging for the fences going for the KO. And yes, he told us not to blink:

He reiterated that after the bout.

It wasn't that Thomas Williams was never in the fight. After a flash knockdown in Round 1, Top Dog made it a fight in the second round. Moving forward with his hands covering his face, Williams made Stevenson back up and landed several shots that rocked the champ. Williams would outland Stevenson 19-15 in total punches during that round. He ended the round by dancing towards his corner. Round 3 was closely fought, with Stevenson edging Williams in punch stats 20-18. Superman though had swayed momentum back on his side. Without warning, Stevenson landed the killer left in the 4th. Williams face planted and failed to beat the referee's count. It was over. Happy 6th birthday Eliska Stevenson! Hope daddy superman made you proud.

Stevenson threw more than a hundred more punches than Williams  but connected at a lower percentage. Williams even threw more power shots, proof that he was going all or nothing against Superman. But Stevenson's power punches were much more accurate and he mixed up his punches well from head to body. Williams gave it a good try. He was just in there with one of the sport's hardest hitters. And yes, he fought the guy on his daughter's birthday.

Stevenson was a heavy favorite to win. 8 out of 10 fans felt Superman was gonna win by KO. 51% said it was coming early. They were correct. Maybe the Stevenson's were having a party for Eliska and Adonis didn't want to be late. But then again, he's Superman and he just keeps on knocking out people.