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Amir Khan Had The Right Plan, He Just Couldn't Sustain It Against A Grinder Like Canelo Alvarez

Amir Khan got knocked out cold by Canelo Alvarez in the 6th round of their Middleweight title bout on Saturday night. But the finish didn't reflect what Khan did for the first 12 minutes of the fight.

Going up two weight classes to fight Alvarez, Khan knew his best chance was to use his one-half each reach advantage and better boxing skills to box around the heavy-hitting Mexican. For four rounds, Khan was able to use his faster hands and feet to beat Canelo to the punch and avoid his taking heavy damage. Khan was a puzzle that Canelo missed badly and swung wildly on several occassions. But as each round passed, Canelo slowly found his range and when he did, it was just a matter of time.

Alvarez cut Khan in round 3 and while it didn't become much of the factor, Canelo literally smelled blood. By the fifth, Canelo was starting to impose his will, landing both to the head and body. In the sixth, Khan looked weakened by the body shots and his jab started to disappear. And when he started to drop his hands more, Alvarez landed a punch that shattered Khan's infamous glass jaw again.

Punch stats showed Khan was just down 20-22 in total jabs as he dictated the first three to four rounds with his jab to keep Canelo off bay. But the big difference was in power punches. Not only did Alvarez out gun Khan 42-28, he landed 50.6% of his power punches on the Bolton native. And here's the telling stat of the fight: Alvarez connected on 34 body shots, four more than his punches landed to the head. This balanced head-body attack forced Khan to abandon his jab to defend his bread basket. It softened him for the kill.

Alvarez was never frustrated. As expected, he grinder Khan to submission. Experts predicted the lighter Khan to have a fast start. He did, but he could not sustain his attack. Canelo Alvarez simply grinded him to the knockout. Having said that though, credit Khan for his bravery. He moved up two weight classes to make this fight happen. But no matter how good he looked in the weigh-ins and the opening moments of the bout, it was almost impossible to stop a grinder like Canelo, especially if you are fighting at the weight he's most comfortable at.

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