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The Odds Say It's Close But The Fans Say It's Andre Berto By A Mile

Victor Orttiz and Andre Berto battled to the Ring Magazine's Fight of The Year winner in 2011. In that bout, both men went down twice but managed to finish the fight on their feet. Ortiz narrowly outpointed Berto, 115-110, 114-112 and 114-111in a fight that had fans wanting more. 

Five years later, the rematch was finally booked. But this time, the circumstances have changed. The careers of both have spiraled down since they fought, with Berto going 3-3 and Ortiz 2-3. With perhaps one more slim shot at boxing glory, the two will meet again on April 30.

Despite losing their first bout five years ago, fans are picking Andre Berto to win over Victor Ortiz on Saturday night. In fact, 71% of the fans who predicted the fight at the Throwdown Scoring mobile app are saying the Haitian Beast is coming out on top. 

While picking Berto over Ortiz isn't surprising, the percentage of predictions for Berto is both interesting and intriguing. That's because the boxing odds only have Berto at -125 (56.48%) and Ortiz at +130 ( 43.52%). Now that's a big 14.52% disparity in predictions. The odds say it's close, the fans think it's Berto by a mile.

Berto has the edge in pre-fight punch stats. But he's a defensive liability whom a heavy hitting guy like Ortiz can expose, as in the first bout. So whatever the fans saw in Berto with their predictions, we'll find out on Saturday night.

Both fighters have a combined 47 KOs in 61 total wins but 64.5% of the fans who voted also believe that this fight is going the distance regardless of the winner. 65% of the fans who think Berto would win believe that he will win this one via decision. Similarly, 63% of those who believe that Ortiz will be victorious think he's winning this on points, just as he did the first bout. 

Are the fans correct? Will these fighters battle to another 12 round classic?

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