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Curtis Stevens: 'Bring Smelling Salt To Wake Lemieux Up'

If the lead-up to their bout is any indication, Curtis Stevens and David Lemieux aren't fond of each other. In fact, they may have genuine dislike for the other. And that is the perfect ingredient for a war inside the boxing ring.

The two have been trading trash talk, insults at times, since their March 11th bout was announced. During last month's conference call, they finally had a chance to speak face to face. And boy, they sounded like they were ready to slug it out right there and then.

Stevens immediately pointed out the difference between him and Lemieux:

“I am who I am, you know, 24/7, seven days a week. If I’ve got something to say about you, I say it to you. I believe the difference between me and David is David says it to the camera and I say it directly to his face. … When David sees me, David doesn’t say anything. David usually talks his sh*t to the press.” 

Lemieux proved otherwise and responded by telling Stevens straight to his face: “You’re gonna get knocked out. Don’t blink.”

Stevens gamely replied:

“I can’t wait, champ. You heard? I can’t wait. Tell the doctor to bring some smelling salt for when they need to wake your ass up. You heard, pretty boy?” 

But if you think that this fight only has one predestined ending, think again. When media caught up with Stevens during his final preparations in his training camp, Stevens spoke differently but more confidently:

“This should be a good fight. Me and Lemieux have the same kind of come and get it style. Some people think of me as just a hard puncher but I’m an all-around fighter. I can slug, I can box. My first reaction is to just take you out-but I can box you too.”

He then laid out his game plan for March 11th:

“For this fight, I could try to box the first couple rounds and then bring it to him for the rest of the rounds. Lemieux is used to coming forward, so in order for me to not allow that, I have to stay right there in the clutch and make sure he backs up. We’ll see. No matter what he brings-it doesn’t matter, I’m ready to adjust. I see myself winning this fight. Whether it be by knockout or by decision, it doesn’t matter. I am really well prepared this time.”

Hmm. Interesting that a fired up Stevens talks about David Lemieux waking up to smelling salt while a cooler and calm  version talks about winning the fight either way. Maybe that's why he's the Cerebral Assassin. When he's mad, he's an assassin. When he's not he's cerebral. 

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