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Broner vs Granados By The Numbers


The Adrien Broner vs Adrian Granados bout is a couple of days away. Before we get to fight night though, let us first examine both fighters by the numbers, that is according to the pre-fight stats exclusively provided by the Throwdown Scoring mobile app. Numbers don't tell the whole story, but they don't lie either. So let's take a look at what these numbers tell us.

There is no question that Adrien Broner is one of the most gifted boxers in the business. But the problem with Broner is that he has a pechant for being lazy inside the ring. In the two most important fights of his career, Broner's laziness got him outworked. Marcos Maidana outhrew him 964-400 in total punches while Shawn Porter was busier, throwing 590 punches compared to Broner's 309. He lost both bouts. On the average, Broner throws 355.9 punches per fight. That's right around the average he threw against Maidana and Porter. He will need to be more active against Adrian Granados.

Adrian Granados is known to be an aggressive and high volume fighter. He suffocates his opponents by constantly applying pressure. In his biggest career win against Amir Imam, Granados was fearless and relentless. He imposed his size and swarmed Imam with punches. Granados was knocked down in the first round. But he went on to stop Imam in 8 rounds. Granados averages 650.2 punches thrown per fight and against Broner, he'll have to live up to those numbers and even add more. The more punches he throws, the better it will be for Granados. It will be interesting to see how Broner keeps pace, especially after the controversy on the increase in contracted weight to 147 pounds.

But Granados' best asset is also his big weakness. Because he loves to come forward, Granados leaves himself susceptible to getting hit a lot. His fighting style also negates his natural size avantage over most opponents. According to our stats, opponents land 34% of their punches on Granados. Against Broner, he can't get afford to get hit too much. Broner has genuine knockout power. Of his 32 wins, 24 have come by knockout. If Broner catches Granados clean, it's gonna be problem for El Tigre.

Broner meanwhile has excellent defense. AB's known as a great counter puncher. But aside from impeccable timing, it's Broner's ability to make his opponents miss with his head and shoulder movement that allows him to punish them with counter shots. If we take a look at the stats, Broner's opponents land only 26% of their total punches on him. So while Granados is easier to hit, Broner is an elusive target.


So who do you think is winning this bout? Here's how the fans have picked the bout so far, as pulled from the Throwdown Scoring App's prediction data:

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