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Defense Will Be Key For Andre Berto in Victor Ortiz Rematch

Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto will fight again five years after producting the 2011 Ring Magazine Fight of The Year winner.  During that bout, both fighters went down twice but showed the heart to continue fighting until the final bell.

Somehow, Victor Ortiz managed to finish the fight better. In the end, he nearly doubled Berto's punch output, landing 281/696  (40.3%) punches against Berto's 147/480 (30.6%) Of his 281 connects, Ortiz nailed Berto with 266 power shots, showing how easy to hit Berto was as a target.

If we take a look at their average stats, Berto does have fairly better offensive stats. On the average, he throws 74.3 more punches than Ortiz and lands 31.3 more than Vicious Victor. But the more glaring stat is Opponents Punches Landed. Berto absorbs 234% of the punches that Ortiz takes per fight at 113.7 vs 48.5, highlighting the key to the first contest: hittability.

While Ortiz's motor was impressive during the first bout, Berto looked flat-footed and kept his hands down too often that Ortiz was able to pile up the points on him. If Berto allows himself to be hit in order to land his big shots, that won't work on Ortiz as it didn't during their first bout. Ortiz can match him power for power. But it doesn't seem that Berto can match Ortiz's motor. The key for Berto then is not to allow himself to get hit because with Ortiz having the better defense, Berto can't get allow himself to get outpointed again.

Saturday's rematch though is 5 years in th making, hence both fighters could be different now than during their first bout. Ortiz is just 2-3 since while Berto is at an even 3-3. Both fighters need a big win to remain relevant in a weight class where new stars like Errol Spence and Kell Brook are emerging. So who will take the rematch?

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