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The 5 Things We Learned From Charles Martin versus Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is now the IBF Heavyweight champion. AJ's 2nd round KO win over Charles Martin was as quick as Martin's reign as champion. Let's take a look at five things we learned from that bout:

It Would Have Been a Fantasy Boxing Hit Maker

Anthony Joshua's 2nd round KO of Charles Martin would've been a big scorer in Throwdown Fantasy Boxing. A second round stoppage meant 30 decision points and 70 points for KO bonus. The two knockdowns in round two would have  given Joshua another extar fantasy points. Now that's alreay a total of 110 fantasy points alone and we've not even added the punches landed. It would surely have put AJ on top of of weekly scoring list.

It Was a Battle Of Untested Heavyweights

Coming to the fight, Martin's record was 23-0-1 with 21 while Joshua was 15-0 with 15 KO. But while those records are impressive and fearsome to look at, neither fighter had been tested before. We really don't know how good these two are except against the level of opposition that they've faced. Joshua has fought exclusively in the UK  while Martin's first real test was supposed to be Glazkov but the bizarre ending to that fight left us with more questions than answers. So except for all the hype and drama surrounding this high profile match-up, it was really just a battle of untested  anf unproven young heavyweights with a major title on the line.

Martin Looked Stiff

Charles Martin looked nowhere near the Prince he was when he entered the ring. He plodded his way to Anthony Joshua but didn't let his hands go. He looked stiff, had no movement and didn't have footwork. He was like a stationary target waiting to get hit. And when Joshua started to connect, Martin's hands were busy covering up rather than throwing punches. It was only a matter of time from there. Martin protested the stoppage claiming he beat the count but that complaint appeared to be out of pride more than wanting to continue to fight. The fact he took each second of the count was proof that he was badly shaken. Had he gotten up, Joshua would have dropped him again with still a lot of time left in the round.

Joshua Was Impressive

If some of Joshua's inexperience was exposed during the Dillan Whyte bout, none of it was visible against Martin. He was faster with his hands and quicker on his feet. He never gave Martin a chance to unload that big left hand. He started out jabbing at Martin to establish his range. Once he found his mark, he let his right hand fly. That right hand was already starting to find a home in round one and it became more accurate as round two began. But  still, Joshua took his time. Even when he scored the first knockdown, Joshua was composed and never rushed for the KO. It was an impressive performance from Anthony Joshua.

Tyson Fury Says AJ Is Slow And Ponderous

Immediately after the bout, unified heavyweight champion Tyson Fury took to social media to call out Joshua. Fury tweeted:  "So AJ gets a belt, looked slow ponderous, & still looked like a bodybuilder, let me slay the lamb". Joshua still looked like a body builder alright but slow? Joshua is athletic as a heavyweight can get and perhaps only Deontay Wilder can match him. Fury beat Klitschko but if that wasn't in slow motion, I don't know what fast is.