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The 5 Things We Learned From Thurman-Garcia

Keith Thurman edged out Danny Garcia in their highly anticipated welterweight unification on Saturday night. One-Time won by split decision. It was close but there were no controversies.

1. A Chess Match

If you were looking for a war, we know you are disappointed. For all the hype and the talk prior to the fight, we thought these two would go at each other and slug it out in the middle of the ring. Really. But in a battle of two unbeaten champions, both fought a tactical fight. Instead of a war, we saw a chess match. It wasn't a firefight but it was entertainingly good.

2. Danny Garcia Has Heart

Thurman came off the gates smoking and hurt Garcia twice in the opening round, stagerring him once with a big right hand that had us thinking he would end the fight early. But Garcia didn't just suck the punch up and survive. He kept coming back and finished stronger than his opponent. He nearly stole Thurman's crowning Glory.

3. Thurman Almost Gave it Away

KKeith Thurman took a page out of the Oscar De La Hoya book against Felix Trinidad, giving away the final rounds to his opponent. He started strong but finished the fight backpedalling. One-Time knew he was up but his cautious strategy nearly cost him the victory. De La Hoya lost by controversial decision to Trinidad. But Thurman escaped with a split decision victory.

4. Stats Agree With The Judges

Danny Garcia ( especially his dad ) can always argue that they thought they won the bout. But even when we look at the post fight numbers, all of them pointed to a Thurman victory. There were no controversies on Saturday night. It was close. Danny made it a fight. But it was clear who won and it was Keith Thurman.

5. Danny Finally 'Stood Up' To Dad

After his father had been stealing the spotlight from him, Danny Garcia finally took charge. Angel Garcia went off on Keith Thurman after the fight. The elder Garcia said Thurman ran away from his son. He even said no to a rematch and advised Danny to retire instead. The younger Garcia however said he'd love a rematch with Thurman. He told his father that a true champion takes losses like wins. Danny Garcia lost the fight but that was one bigger victory right there.