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The Five Things We Learned From DeGale vs Jack

James DeGale and Badou Jack fought like true champions on Saturday night. Both walked out of the Barclays Center just as they entered the ring: as champions.

The highly anticipated world super middleweight title unification ended in a majority draw. One judge had DeGale winning 114-112. The other two scored it an even 113-113 draw. Of course, both fighters thought they won. Regardless, it was a classic worth the wait and worth watching. Will we see a rematch? Maybe not, maybe yes. But for now, let's just tke a look at the five things we learned from the DeGale-Jack fight:


 Badou Jack Won The Battle Of The Punch Stats

Badou Jack outworked James DeGale. He threw more punches and landed with more accuracy. If we break down the punches further, Badou also landed more jabs and more power punches. On a per round basis, Jack also outpointed DeGale in 8 of the 12 rounds. Unfortunately, stats aren't the only basis for scoring and winning fights in boxing. But yes, Jack had the better numbers.

Badou Jack is Underrated

James DeGale previously admitted that Badou Jack is underrated. Chunky is correct. While it looks like Jack doesn't do one thing exceptionally well, his overall game is solid and he does eveything very well. But what stood out on Saturday night was Jack's punching power. He may have started slow but he finished strong. His body shots were wicked and those slowed down Chunky down the stretch. Many thought DeGale was the best 168 pounder in the game today. He will be the best but that's because Jack is likely moving up to light heavyweight.

James DeGale Is A Diva

Remember when Badou Jack presented James DeGale with a tiara during one of their press conferences? Jack called DeGale a diva and Chunky gamely wore the tiara. On Sunday, DeGale rocked in a hospital gown. He should've brought the tiara. He would've loooked like a real diva. Kidding aside, DeGale showed the heart of a true champion hanging and punching on in the closing rounds when Jack was getting stronger. Except for the 12th round knockdown, DeGale showed grit in taking all those wicked shots Badou Jack threw at him.  

It Was About Time Somebody Stood Up To Floyd

Floyd Mayweather Jr. had been on a trash talking spree this week. From dissing MMA star Conor McGregor, to saying Andre Ward didn't beat Kovalev and then Keith Thurman ducking Errol Spence. As the most popular boxer in the sport ( and TBE according to him ), he's gotten away with saying what he wants. But James DeGale cut him off during Jim Gray's post fight interview after Floyd was making it appear that Badou Jack got robbed. Chunky stood up to him and the Englishman even ended the interview in his own terms. It was about time somebody stood up to Floyd and shut his ego for once. We liked the attitude and the swagger, Chunky.

There Was A Winner, And It Was Boxing

Both fighters thought they won. The fight yielded no unifiied super middleweight champion. But there was one one winner on Saturday night and it was the sport of boxing as fans were treated to a Fight of The Year candidate 14 days into the new year. If that was just the beginning, we can't wait for the rest of the year to unfold. On January 28th, Leo Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton run back one of the best fights of 2016 in a rematch. That's going to be another classic. And that's gonna be our next featured bout at the Throwdown Scoring Mobile App. So Download the app now for fight predictions, live scoring and live stats of  #SantaCruzFrampton2.