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Adrian Granados: I Belong At This Level

Adrian Granados knows that the odds are stacked against him in his upcoming fight with Adrien Broner. But the Chicago native plans to take advantage of the biggest opportunity of his boxing career.

Said Granados during Thursday's conference call:

"I’ve always been the B-side and always had the odds stacked-up against me so I just got to thrive in the underdog position and which I plan to and yes, this is definitely the biggest fight of my career and I plan on taking full advantage of it."

Granados sparred with Broner for the latter's bout with Marcos Maidana and Granados says that experience proved something to him:

 "It reaffirmed to myself that I belonged at that level, they were very competitive sparring sessions. They were very exciting and it was like I said it was just a reminder that I belong at this level."

When asked to desribe how those sparring session went, El Tigre recalled:

“They were electrifying sparring sessions, we were putting on a show for the camp and yes, that was bloody, some days we were both bloody. There were just two dogs trying to get at each other and I was quiet at first but I mean, I’m from the neighborhood, from the streets too, you can’t get too tough for me."

But while Granados thinks he did well against Broner in those practice sessions, he agrees that it's a whole new ballgame once they step inside the ring in a real fight, as what's going to happen on February 18th:

"Yes, I’m definitely old school and I think that goes out the window when we’re under the bright lights, smaller gloves, no headgear, it’s going to be a free for all and may the best man win and the best man will win that night. Sparring is completely different from a fight, the show and the lights and just the atmosphere so I’m not banking on the sparring sessions we had. I know that I can compete with him and that I can beat him and I know he feels the same way about me so that’s why we’re in the fight and it’s going to be an electrifying night come the 18th."

And as for the talks of a brand new matured Adrien Broner coming out next Saturday, Granados doesn't care much:

"I mean, that’s all up to him, I don’t worry about who I’m fighting or what their preparations are and what they’re doing. I have to worry about myself and that I’m the best Adrian Granados."

Will we see the best Adrian Granados on Saturday night? Will the best Adrian Granados be good enough to beat whatever version of Adrien Broner?

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