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Judges Picked Quality Over Quantity in Thurman-Porter Bout

The welterweight showdown between Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter was as good as advertised and worth the wait. Both men engaged in a back and forth war that saw each showcase their strengths. The bout was close, very close. Hence it became the perfect venue to showcase the full exciting features of the Throwdown Scoring Mobile App.

Coming to the fight, Showtime Porter was known for his heavy work rate which he used to smother opponents. Thurman on the other hand, was the devastating knockout artist. Technically, Thurman was seen as the more complete fighter and the better skilled boxer. But what Porter lacked in skill, he made up for it in heart and effort. Take a look at the post fight stats from the Throwdown Scoring App:


Statistically, Porter had the edge in total punches landed 236-235 and threw over a hundred more punches than Thurman at 662 to 539  Showtime went to the body more often, landing more than twice as much as One Time 79-37 and hoping to land a shot similar to the one that Luis Collazo did to put Thurman in some trouble. Thurman weathered the storm. And while he didn't throw as many punches, he had the better accuracy at 43.6%. He also landed more power shots at 203-177. And those harder and clearer blows were the ones that caught the eye of the judges:


All three judges had identical scores of 115-113 while the fans who scored the bout live at the Throwdown Scoring Mobile App validated the official scores despite having it one point closer. The judges only scored six rounds unanimous: 1,2,4,7,8 and 11 and were divided on the other half of the bout. The scoring fans meanwhile, agreed with five of those six unanimous rounds and even had round 3 a rare 10-10 tie, owing how close the bout was. Despite the very narrow margin of victory, there were no controversies here. Thurman also won as the odds picked and as the majority of fans predicted too in the Throwdown Scoring Mobile App:

Post-fight-predictions Twitter-new-size-1200-x-628.jpg

68.3% of the total predictions entered in the App picked Thurman to win. But only 34% of those who picked Thurman to win believed he could stop Porter. The 65.45% who predicted it would go the distance were correct. It was by no means a walk in the park for One-Time. There were no knockouts. Shawn Porter pushed Keith Thurman to his limits. As Porter fought with the heart of a champion, Thurman responded like a true champion as well. The Throwdown scoring App? It was a champion in its own right too, the best boxing app ever.

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