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Is Pacquiao vs Lomachenko really possible?

A week after he joked about the possibility of pitting Manny Pacquiao against GGG, Promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank is now talking about a possible bout between the Filipino legend and two-time Olympic gold medalist Vasyl Lomachenko.

In a recent interview, Arum  said he'd pay any amount of money to see Pac and Loma fight, saying it's the fight that he wants to see the most:

“Terence Crawford is a possibility [for Pacquiao], as is Vasyl Lomachenko, because that’s a fight I want to see more than any other fight that’s out there. No, Manny isn’t 147. Manny fights 135 and 140. No, it won’t be an issue [for Pacquiao to fight Lomachenko], guarantee. That’s the least of the problems.”


Manny Pacquiao's been fighting at welterweight since beating De La Hoya although he's never really fought at the full weight limit of 146 pounds all the time. Several times, Pacman has admitted that he isn't a full blown 147 pound fighter. Pacquiao even stated in the past that he could make 140 or even 135 easily because of his natural size. When asked about the possibility of facing Lomachenko next, Pacman didn't answer the question directly. However, he reiterated that he can easily move down in weight:

“I can still make 135. Remember, when I fought De La Hoya. I weighed 135, and I just moved up to 147. During my training, if I just eat regularly, not putting more extra rice or anything else, my eight is 141 140.”

So sans extra rice, Manny Pacquiao thinks he can make 135. But would that be a good weight to fight in at this point of his career? Freddie Roach also shared his thoughts on the matter:

"He can make 135. I’d rather have him fight at 140. I haven’t thought of that fight [Pacquiao vs. Lomachenko] yet, because the weights are so far apart. I’d love that fight. I’d accept that in a minute. Lomachenko, sure, I don’t think he’s that good. He’s a good fighter, yes, but I’ve seen him look terrible in fights when he first came over here. I’ve seen him training in my gym for his first two fights, and he played more with tennis balls than anything. He’s going to need more than tennis balls to beat Manny Pacquiao.” 

In case Roach hasn't watched Lomachenko lately, he's been fighting at a very high level and looks more than he's just playing with tennis balls in training. But yeah, maybe Roach is correct. Pacquiao fighting at 140 may be more advantageous for them than at 135. Question is whether Loma wants to fight at 140 when that's two full weight classes higher than his current division.

Lomachenko's response? He said he liked the idea of the fight. However.....he thinks he's too small and needs at least a year to prepare for a Pacquiao fight and he also aded that he will only take the fight if it's at 135 pounds. Fair enough. In one year's time, he can fully grow to 135 pounds and Manny Pacquiao can be a year older....slower too.

So where does this conversation go? First things first. Pacquiao needs a convincing win over Jesie Vargas on Saturday. Then Loma must take care of Nicholas Walters on November 26. The former sounds easier than the latter. But both have to happen. Even then, if both of them win their next fights, maybe this bout is just a product of Bob Arum's fickle mind. Or is this fantasy match-up really possible?

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