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#SantaCruzFrampton: A Story of Punch Stats and Scorecards

The #SantaCruzFrampton featherweight title bout was so close that people are still talking about it right now. In our case, we let our emotions settle first before telling our story.

The story of the bout was of scorecards and punch stats.

We know Carl Frampton won by majority decision: 117-111, 116-112 and 114-114. However, those who rooted for Leo Santa Cruz point to the punch stats and show that their man was the busier fighter. Sure, Leo was. But it was Frampton who landed more accurately and who scored the more telling blows as shown by his advantage in power punches. The post fight punch stats show that:

Aside from the difference in numbers, it was Carl Frampton who dictated the tempo of the bout. He was the one who imposed himself on his opponent. Yes, Leo Santa Cruz was his usual busy self. However, he was not as efficient with his punches. Frampton's style was a hard read and his defense is underrated. He made Leo miss more than the usual. Compare the post fight stats with the pre-fight stats and you'll understand what we mean:

The other story to the #SantaCruzFrampton bout are the scorecards. The fight was so close, it was very difficult to judge the contest. It boiled down to which mattered to you: quality or quantity. If you wanted quantity, Leo Santa Cruz was your guy. If you were looking for quality, Carl Frampton was your man. The judges liked Carl Frampton's quality. Check out the judges' official scorecards:

Examining the scorecards, you'll notice that the judges were unanimous in scoring seven rounds. Five of those rounds were for Frampton ( 2,3,5,8 and 9 ) while only two were for Santa Cruz ( 6 and 7 ).  Two of three judges gave Frampton three more rounds ( 4, 11 and 12 ) and Santa Cruz two rounds ( 1 and 10 ). If we go by "majority wins", Frampton won the bout 8 rounds to 4. If we followed that rule, the score would have been 116-112 which was Frank Lombardi's scorecard which we think is the "more accurate" scorecard. Take note that Lombardi was never in the minority in any round scored and at least one other judge agreed with his scoring. 

Make no mistake though, the rounds were so hard to score you can't blame one for giving some rounds to Santa Cruz. Lombardi's scorecard was just one round off Tom Schreck's card. However, they were in disagreement in three rounds (1,10 and 12). The third judge Guido Cavalleri saw it 6 rounds apiece. The fans who scored the bout at the Throwdown Scoring Mobile App had another story. They gave the bout to Santa Cruz:

The fans agreed with the judges' 7 unanimous rounds. They gave the three Frampton majority rounds to Santa Cruz though, hence their final scorecard of 8-5 rounds for Leo Santa Cruz. 

No complaints on the decision. No complaints on the bout either. It was an action-packed bout from start to finish. It was a close as it could get. Unfortuntely, victory could be given only to one man. And last Saturday was the Day of The Jackal.